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IVP says: Kingdom Calling to be produced as an audio book
Release date to be announced later this year

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Kingdom Calling awarded Book of the Year
Kingdom Calling was chosen as Christianity Today's Book of the Year in the category of Christian Living.

Connecting Our Work to God's Mission
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Sherman highlighted in Christianity Today
Amy Sherman was chosen by Christianity Today as one of the 50 most influential Christian women shaping the church and culture

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King Jesus is on a mission to bring restoration in every sphere of society and has invited His followers to join Him in this Kingdom-advancing work. Church leaders need to intentionally inspire, equip, and deploy their members to live missionally in and through their work. We do this best by showing people, practically, how to steward their vocational power in ways that advance foretastes of the coming Kingdom of shalom for our neighbors near and far.

Too often, churches fail to equip their parishioners for deep, creative, intentional stewardship of their vocational power. Sometimes leaders either ignore questions of vocation, continue to perpetuate the “sacred/secular divide,” or teach an anemic approach to faith/work integration that focuses only on ethics and evangelism. Even missional churches that promote their members’ engagement with the mission of God in the world are not providing adequate guidance about how those members should be expressing their discipleship in and through their daily work. Church leaders need better, richer teaching on the Biblical basis of vocational stewardship and practical strategies for training and deploying their members. Individual Christians seeking deeper purpose for their lives need practical, actionable models for what it looks like to steward their vocational power in ways that advance the Kingdom. Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good attempts to provide all this.


Vocational Stewardship In Action

  • Max Anderson and the “MBA Oath”: Bringing Integrity to Business Management

    Max Anderson and t...

    By Kelly Givens and Amy L. Sherman All too often the evening news spotlights someone found guilty of some kind of unethical business practice. Remember MF Global’s former CEO Jon Corzine testifying before Congress that he simply “doesn’t know” what happened to the estimated $1.2 billion dollars of customer funds that went missing? Given stories like these, it’s not that surprising that public opinion polls often give business leaders low marks for trustworthiness. But plenty of business people are not motivated by greed. Indeed, as Harvard University professor Michael Porter has been arguing, a growing number of companies are seeking …

  • Don Schoendorfer: An Engineer Brings Mobility to Thousands

    Don Schoendorfer: ...

    Don Schoendorfer has been part of Mariners Church in Irvine, CA for many years. Compelled by the congregation’s strong emphasis on service, Don, an engineer, volunteered as a tutor at the church’s “Lighthouse Center,” an after school program in a low-income Hispanic neighborhood. He participated faithfully for over three years, but wondered if there wasn’t a better use for his talents. “These kids didn’t need help with differential equations and higher math,” Don explains. “They were struggling with their multiplication tables.” He felt he could invest his 25+ years’ experience as an engineer in something more strategic. During this “searching” phase, he …

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NEW! Great short video on Work as Worship
A new perspective on work.

Discussion Questions for Use by Vocational Guilds
Does your church gather members into small groups by profession (e.g., law, medicine, business, art)? If so, invite them to try out these discussion starters.

Ten Ways to Encourage Vocational Stewardship in Your Church
Here are some doable action steps you can take right now.

Small Group Discussion Guide on Vocation
Use these questions to enliven your small group’s ability to support members in living missionally through their daily work.

Annotated Bibliography
Short summaries of helpful books on vocation, for pastors and individual believers. Check back frequently as this list will be updated regularly.